Sam Video Wordpress Theme

Sam Video WordPress Theme designed for video blogs. You can publish videos from web within minutes with this theme. Easy to use theme has a custom control panel so you can customize the theme yourself.

Licence for premium version:

You can use the theme on one blog. If you want to use it on more than one blog, you need aditional licences. You can edit the theme yourself or ask for help. You can not resell your licence.

Custom Theme Panel:

  • Change Logo,
  • Write a notification for visitors,
  • Write “Abous Us” information,
  • Add your social pages urls,
  • Add ad codes,
  • Enable/Disable ads,
  • Add analytics code.

Custom Pages:

  • Most viewed videos,
  • Highest rated videos,
  • Categories list with images,
  • Submit video page. Your visitors can add videos. After your moderation, they will be published.


Sam Video Theme has 4 menu spaces:

  • Top Menu
  • Main Menu (Dropdown)
  • Footer Pages
  • Footer Help


Just paste your ad codes into the ad fields in theme control panel. You can disable/enable ads, too.

Color Scheme:

We designed a black theme. But, if you want to use it with an another color scheme, just ask by an e-mail. Modifications will be free.


Send us email:


  • Dear people
    I’m trying to get video’s embedded in the videotheme I bought. Found some tutorials that were not helpfull. My video’s are my own, no youtube video’s or video’s from a tube site will be here. All are MP4 clips from 1 to 3 minutes. Can you help me out?

  • This is really great theme i really like it , and customer service is really help full , i would recommend to buy this theme

  • How do I add content to the home page?

  • I will be interested in buying this theme but i want to ask if other videos from videos site like vmeo, etc and self record video can be uploaded. also i am from Africa where paypal is not accepted so do u have other means of payment like using credit card preferable mastercard.

    In the meantime can i download ur free themes.

    Thanks waiting for your reply.

    • You can use embed codes from all websites like youtube, vimeo, etc.

      We have Paypal and Payza accouns. You can contact us via email.

  • Hey Ana. I try to install some of your video themes like the metube but this code appears style.css to be messing and it cant it install i like your premium wordpress theme but i’m afraid that it is still the same

    • You need to upload only theme folder. Do these:
      – Unzip the zipped file,
      – Find the theme folder which contains php and css files,
      – Zip this folder and upload it.

      Do not try to upload zipped files which contain “Read Me” or “PSD” files. Upload only the theme folder.

      Also we have free installation service for our premium themes.

  • I want to use this theme for my a**t website could I choose a tumbnail for my each post?

  • Felicisimo Labasano :

    I already buy the themes I already istalled it using filezilla but it is broken saying missing style.css I already upload style.css according to instruction but still the same 🙁

  • العاب بنات :


    i need this theme but i need change video to games

    can i change it after buy


  • It is possible to change the color of the general background from black to white and the background of the menu to red?

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