Sam Movie Wordpress Theme

Sam Movie is the right solution for your movie website. You can use it as a video theme, too. Sam Movie WordPress theme has a custom control panel so you can control your website easily. Theme is English but if you need to translate it, you can edit the theme files yourself and use it in all languages.

  • No designer links in footer,
  • Easy to use: You will install the theme within 5 minutes.
  • Theme control panel: All settings can be done in theme control panel. You do not need to edit any files.
  • Menus: Theme uses WordPress menus so you can control the menus very easily.
  • Custom pagination function.
  • Add new movies: It’s easy as adding a new post. Just fill in fields.
  • Ads ready: Add/remove ads easily.
  • Free installation: Yes, it’s free. We will install the theme for you within 24 hours.
  • Support: Free email support.

How to Buy:

  • Click “$29 Buy” button,
  • Fill in fields(your email is important),
  • Pay by Paypal,
  • You will be redirected to download page after payment,
  • Download the theme and start making money.


You can use the theme on one blog. If you want to use it on more than one blog, you need additional licences. You can edit the theme yourself or ask for help. You can not resell your licence.


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  • Good day! I would like to purchase this theme. Can you translate it into Russian?

    • I can do it but you need to tell me the Russian words. I will send you an e-mail about it.

      Edited: We translated the theme into Russian. Thanks for your help, Evgenij.

      • Hi i want to ask i have the site ***.gr/movies if i buy the sam movie template i must put all the movies again ? do you have any demo to use it local to see how its work ?
        Thank you tony

        • Sam Movie uses Featured Image functions. If your theme works as same, then you do not need to update your posts. But if your theme uses custom fields, you need to update your posts.

  • Hello,

    Theme when you have made payment when you sent me?

  • I will make the payment within 2 hours
    Ödeme yapınca bana hemen gönderebilir ?

    Sorry No speak english

    • Paypal aracılığıyla ödemeyi yaptığınızda, temayı indirebileceğiniz sayfaya yönlendirilirsiniz. O sayfadan temayı indirebilirsiniz. Temanın Türkçe versiyonunu kullanmak istiyorsanız, iletişim sayfasında belirtilen e-mail adresine mesaj gönderiniz. 24 saat içerisinde Türkçe versiyonu e-postanıza gönderilir.

  • hi i would like to purchase this theame, but will i be able to edit the sam movie logo to my own and also edit the theam abit. and how will i be adding more movie pages and videos? could yu please get back to me as soon as povsbbile cheers

    • Thanks or your interest. There is logo.psd in theme file so you can edit the logo easily. You can edit theme yourself or ask us for help. We do the simple modifications for free.

      I could not understand your last question. You can add new pages and posts(video pages) from your WordPress dashboard. You will find the usage information in theme file.

  • Hi, i would like to know how can i edit the theme so i can add a sidebar and add some widgets, i already bought the theme, tnks 🙂

  • i need some help i want remove add close in right and left close add but i dont know how can tell me how i buy this templae

  • Help me configuration theme

    • I sent you an email.

      Please contact us by an email, if you bought the theme. We will install the theme for you for free.

  • is possible that these pictures on the cover make more girls??? are very large and also my taste instead of 9 movies leaving more??

  • Hi, I really like this theme and I want to buy it. Please tell me what are the payment methods other than paypal?? Can I pay through credit card..??

    I am waiting for your quick response…

  • Hi, I am Willing to buy this template , but before i buy this please let me know if “W3 Total Cache” and other popular plugins working properly with this template ?

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

  • how to remove the left and right theme??? in Sam Movie Theme Options??

  • The theme is free? I can get it free? If not, how do I buy it? I do not understand why it says the price it is free

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