Durus Wordpress Theme

Durus Flash Games Theme is our second WordPress arcade games theme. Theme has custom options panel. So, it’s very easy to use. Also, you can use the Durus Theme in your language just by editing the language file.

  • Does not include the designer links in footer,
  • Easy to use: You will install the theme within 5 minutes.
  • Theme control panel: All settings can be done in theme control panel. You do not need to edit any files.
  • Menus: Theme uses WordPress menus so you can control the menus very easily.
  • Dropdown menu: Main menu is a dropdown menu.
  • Custom pagination function.
  • Add new games: It’s easy as adding a new post. Just fill in fields.
  • You can add swf, unity, shockwave files as game. You can use iframe/embed codes, too.
  • Ads ready: Add/remove ads easily.
  • Free installation: Yes, it’s free. We will install the theme for you within 24 hours.
  • Multi-language
  • Support: Free email support.

Version 2:

Add dcr, shockwave or unity games or use iframe.


Send us email:


  • Hi,

    I tried to upload theme using wordpress. I tried this 2 times it shows the error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

    Could you please help me where I can get style.css file?


    • anathemescom :

      Please read the “Installation:” information part on this page. When you extract the zipped file, you will see durus-free folder. Open it. Then you will see durus folder. Upload that folder into wp-content/themes directory. If you could not do it yourself, email me your ftp information and database username/password. I will do it for you. My email id is in contact page.

  • hi,,,

    i get trouble when i finished installing. i find this : image not found. is i do something wrong??

    • anathemescom :

      I could not understand the problem. “Image not found” error can not be because of the theme. Please tell me your website url.

  • Works like a charm…I really adore this theme.Precision coloring,well structured layouts.Thanks Sam.

  • iam sorry i doesnt read carefully your instruction.

    u say : While you are adding a new post, you will see 2 extra fields under content field. Write the game image url in Game Image URL and swf url in Game SWF URL fields, write the game description in content field, select category, add tags and publish your post.

    where i can got swf url and how get stats and credit from it???

    • anathemescom :

      You need to upload swf files to your host. You can google it: “free flash games packs” or searches like this. You may find 5000-10000 games. Upload them to your host. Then use their urls.

      Also we created a wordpress plugin which adds games to your blog automaticly. We will publish the plugin next week. By this plugin, you will add games to your blog very easily.

  • Hi, I’m trying using this plugin, but I’m getting this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in …/functions.php on line 188

    This theme is still working?

    • anathemescom :

      Yes, a lot of websites use this theme and as you can see, it’s working on demo.

      Do not delete anything in functions.php or download the theme again.

  • Hi. I have some problems.

    The categories doesnt appear on that orange button in header, why ?

    I have a lot of categories and posts , but why ?

  • Oh my god, i’m sorry . Now i saw what u said. Menus . Thanks. This theme is the best . Thanks a lot.

  • Hei, how can i change the logo ?

  • Hello,
    I’ve purchased your theme and I find it great.

    Can you tell me in which file (php) should I look for to find the code related to the logo of the website?
    I want to replace it with an image logo so I need to find where is the code for it. Thanks

  • Hi. It’s me again. I modified this theme in php source. If i buy the license from you, changes will be how i modified, or the theme will be default ?

    • You need to replace your functions.php file with the functions.php file in premium version. And, remove the designer link in footer.php file. Your changes will not be affected.

  • Hi. It’s me again. I have a question for you, can you add to theme .dcr games ?

  • Not sure but I think you deleted my previoes comment, I really wanted to know if you have a similar template with Mario Bros theme. I am planning to create a games website and was looking for that theme. Do you have it or can make it, I would be interested in buying. Please let me know.

    • I deleted because i already sent you an e-mail about it. If you have a background image(mario bros), i can make the modifications.

  • Hi. Me again. I have a question, please. Still i can use this theme without pay for it ? Please tell me to know in future, thanks.

  • And… premium version is for one website? or unlimited ?

    • Premium version is for one website. You need to buy additional licences for extra websites. If you want to use the theme on more than 5 websites, contact us and buy multi licence for $100.

  • Can you show me where I have to insert the adress of my logo in header.php?

    I know that Logo code is in header.php in line 54 but i don’t have sucess.. 🙁

    • Theme does not use image logo. It uses text. You can write your title from Theme Control Panel.

      If you want to add a logo instead of text, you need to change the title code in header.php(line 54).

      – Delete that line,
      – Add your logo code: < ***img src="http://yourlogourl" alt=""> (delete ***)

      If you bought the theme, you can send an email for more help.

  • I have another question though.

    Is it possible to change the font of the titles, of “Top 3 Games”, etc.?

  • i want to use this template, is not more free? :'( i needed it but i can pay for it :'(

  • Thanks a lot, this is the best wordpress game gallery ever!!

  • hi, how i can add games from websites like notdoppler.com/webmasters.php , they gave only download folder without link swf. Sorry for my bad english. I buyed this theme today.

    • You need to download the game file and upload the swf to your host. For example on that page, download Nightflies zip. Extract the zipped file and upload nightflies.swf into your web host. Then use this url.

  • thank you very much!

  • Hello, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.The template is the most beautiful and most complete games in flash that ever met on the internet. Congratulations for your work!

  • Works like a charm…I really adore this theme.Precision coloring,well structured layouts.Thanks Sam.

  • my tell me how to put google adsense code in this template.

  • please,premium version needs ioncube loader or not?

  • Hello, i am installed but don´t load the games. Is it necessary the games are in my hosting or can be in other hostings??

    • Hi,

      If you bought the theme, please send us an email and tell us the problem. If you could give us your wp-admin username-password, we can find a solution faster.

  • sir i have installed demo version to check this theme,earlier i had wtb game theme.Now games are not playing in this theme after pressing play button

  • hi SAM you theme i one of greatest themes foe flash games simple clean and great ads positions i am currently using the free version of the theme and i will definitely buy this theme next time

  • Hi man i’am having a bit trouble in your theme and i’d like some help from you
    i want to add another adsense ad unit in the homepage just like the right one besides the games but i want it now in down left corner
    so the theme would be like this

    so there are 4 games and then adsense in the right corner
    after that there will be a line of 3 games no ads
    the ads in the left and more 4 games
    i can’t get the css right

  • Hi, can you tell me does this theme automatically detects height and width of the game when I upload the .swf file from the pc?

  • Hey,

    How can i make a preloader or loading bar into this theme’s player? sometimes game file too large and it showing only blank page ..movies is not loaded..

  • This is a wonderful theme!

  • HEllo,
    Thanks for this great theme. I would like tu use an image instead of letters for the site tittle. Is that possible ? And also use a background image.


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